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Why no Flash on wp8?

I would say that it’s because Flash on phone is pretty dead as it is, I’ve never missed myself on my 8X really. There’s HMTL5 today, you have Ajax and Jquery and. It’s not like Flash is going strong and microsoft/adobe wanted to exclude it from wp8.

And, it’s not only wp8. It’s getting killed off more and now. Nexus 4 doesn’t have flash support as well, which I think is a good thingh: just kill it already.

But, if you DO want flash: the New HTC One got that. Perhaps doesn’t agree that flash on phone is needed today, but apparently a few sites still uses flash.

More on what I like about 8X and windows phone 8

Being VERY new to windows phone I might find things most wp used people will see as “old”, but this is from my point of view: total wp noob. Some of these things aren’t directly wp8 or 8x but still part of the whole experience.

  • With Office 2010 (I would assume 2013 as well) you can save a document directly to Skydrive, then you can open it in office on 8x. And then open it from skydrive on your computer again, this I saw as VERY cool since it saved a few clicks.
  • Put your own ringtones on the phone put connecting phone to computer and just simple drag the ringtones you want into the folder Ringtones on the 8X. This works with MP3 and WMA.
  • That you can download offline maps on the 8X

I’m sure that I will find more things as I get more used to it.
What’s your best trick/tip on windows phone 8 or 8X? Write in the comments!


A day with Windows Phone 8X by HTC

I can begin to say: I’ve never properly used a windows phone before, less do I have any previous knowledge of it. That’s how I started, and I have to admit that found the manual for it rather quickly since I had very little clues of what I was doing I can tell you. But I installed the update for the phone before I wrote this as well.

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Goth Barbie’s first attempt at Windows Phone 8/HTC 8X.

So yesterday I received my new HTC 8X after UPS kindly trekked it around the UK. First impressions? The phone itself is beautiful. A lovely thin, sleek design with a stunning display and a pretty funky little layout. The battery has lasted me pretty good also. I was impressed. It took me a little while to figure the whole Windows Phone OS out. Big learning curve for someone so used to Android/Sense.

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