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Wallpaper: 25.3

That’s right. Or March 25th, I assume we all know what year it is. In various resolutions to be used as wallpaper or whatever you want it as. Let me know if you want it in other¬†sizes/shapes.

Wallpaper: Keep Calm And..

Saw that HTC (UK) was sharing a piece that a Mr Craig Fish did some month ago based around a work I did (the wallpaper) and thought that I would share that wallpaper, and while searching for it (at times I lose my stuff), I found the 3 “Keep Calm And.. ” wallpapers I did a while back. All wallpapers are in 1080 x 1920 and 1440 x 1280 (One X/X+) resolution, if you want something else: Let me know.

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Setting wallpaper for a Sense 5 phone from computer

One of the new cool things that arrived with 4.2 (on One) and now on One X/X+ is the ability to set wallpaper on your phone from your computer (internet connected computer as it’s a website involved. This is one of the really cool stuff in the newer sense 5.

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