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How to sync music to HTC One with Windows Media Player over MTP

This is actually the easiest way to get music to your One X/X+/One/One Mini/One Max, since they all uses MTP which is a part of the media player framework.

This works on ALL Android devices that uses MTP for usb connection.

EDIT:  this of course works on the new One M8 as well.

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Windows Phone 8 and Macs.

I’m forever going to be a Mac, never a PC. But today I discovered that being a Mac gives you unneeded issues when it comes to connecting a Windows Phone to the iOS software. I spent literally hours today trying to figure out how to sync my new 8X to my Mac, just so I could put some new music on my phone. It was a long haul, but I finally got there! So, instead of just “buying a real computer”, (thanks Craig! ;)), I figured I should share my new found knowledge with you guys so it helps anyone else out with a Mac that may encounter the same issues I had!

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Apptips: Any.DO

A very nice little app for for tasks, and it looks VERY nice too. You got 2 different themes in it, one black and one white. And the ability to sync it with Google Tasks just makes it perfect, it’s always very easy to move around things you need to do to other days. Continue reading Apptips: Any.DO