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Reflections – March 17

This is a new section here at Droider.eu, that is and used to be a part of the Swedish Droider.se site where it all began now soon 3 years ago.

Simply: reflections, moans, complains and just everything else that’s not an entire post themselves.

Lets start with: Samsung? WTF was that? If you release a new phone, can you at least make sure that we can tell it apart from the former top one? And the “features” in it. We’ve seen a lot of them already, in HTC and LG phones. S-translate? Seriously? You copy Google Translate and call it yours? Sorry Apple: you’re not alone in making point-less “Inventions” any more.  Soon we’ll see Samsung IntraWeb, where you can communicate with others without wires! Oh! Imagine that!

Next bit is the “Why Htc!! why only 4mp?”. Since it’s “more than enough”, perhaps? That it’s very suitable together with Zoe and the rest of the hardware in the One? We’ve seen all kinds of test of the One camera against other phone and it stacks up VERY well against those, that often got twice at many pixels. “But, we’ve been told for years that it’s ALL about pixels”. Sorry, you’ve been tricked a bit. Like the “new” gs3+, sorry: gs4, where you have an 13mp camera. Woa, impressive you think. It get less impressive when you realize that you need good optics and other hardware to REALLY use those 13mp to their full potential, which it just don’t do since it lacks optics for that.

Sure: there is moments when you really NEED all those megapixels, like when you need to print a 2 x 1 meter poster. But, would you use a phone to take that photo? No, you wouldn’t since all it’s imperfections would shine through.

That’s where the ultrapixel camera comes in, it gives you a smaller sized (both in actual pixels and storage required for it). Making it look better when compressed, and quicker to upload and so on. And, as we’ve seen: while still looking good, and being VERY good at low-light conditions.

Got any ideas for a Reflection? Let me know in the comments below.