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Screenshot in three ways on HTC One

Screenshot_2013-07-21-17-40-58This is for HTC One with 4.2.2, if you have 4.1.2: android way #2 doesn’t work

Old-school htc way
Press power and home buttons at roughly the same time, screenshot is taken with a camera sound. Saves under Screenshots.

Android way #1
Press power and vol down buttons at the SAME time, you need to press them at the VERY same moment and keep them pressed until you hear a camera sound and the screenshot is taken. Saves under Screenshot and shows itself on notifications, where you can view it and share and such.

Android way #2
Same as above but you down do it via the quick settings menu you get to via either notification (one finger) and then press the quicksetting icon to the right. Or: Drag down with two fingers on notification bar, to end up in the quicksettings at once. And simply tap Screenshot, it will take a screenshot of the screen you was on before you pulled down the notification bar. Saves and shows in the same way as android way #1.

Quick-tips for HTC One

Just a few things that might be useful. For HTC One of course.

To quickly get back to the top of blinkfeed
or app drawer (I think it works on most lists), simple touch the notification bar. That’s it.

Adapt grid size of app drawer
Menu > Grid size > and chose 3×4 or 4×5

Phone too power hungry when you’re on 4G LTE?
Set it to “just” 3G to preserve battery if battery is more important than speed for the moment.
Settings > Mobile data > Network mode > GSM / WCDMA auto. To have auto 4G LTE just set it to GSM / WCDMA / LTE auto again. This will make sim-card to reset a bit, might take a few minutes for things to work properly.

Done a screenshot and it doesn’t show up in Gallery?
When you’re in “my photos”: In the top left hand corner, select Albums instead Events to see each album on the phone.

Quick post onto Facebook/Twitter from Blinkfeed
Just touch the Pen icon and you will get a window where you can type up your post. Of course you need to have facebook/twitter set up first.

Set home screen
Long-press on regular screen or pinch-zoom on blinkfeed. Long-press on the page in the upper part of screen, drag to “set as home screen”. Done.


Using custom sounds for Notification and Alarm on HTC Android phones

This is really an old trick, but worth to show again.

You can use most types of sound-files, using mostly MP3 and such myself.

It’s pretty easy and straightforward:

  • connect phone to computer (shown on windows 8 here), open the storage.
  • Choose to either, you don’t have to create all. If you just want custom alarms, just create the alarms folder:
    • create folders notifications, alarms and ringtones as separate folders.
    • [shown as gallery] Create a folder called Media and in that create a folder called Audio, and under that create alarms, notifications and ringtones
  • Copy the sounds you want to use into the folder of choice.
  • Done!

A second brief look at HTC One

It still have that WOW over it, it’s seriously fast. Smooth. Just feels VERY nice in your hand.

The display makes my old One X+ looks outdated, don’t get me wrong: I loved my one x+ but this is something else, something very different.

The sound is just amazing, in every single way. Haven’t tested the camera much yet, but I will soon. This is just the start of it.

If there’s things in One that I didn’t like? Yes, a few things. Like the 3 dots menu that you right now can’t get rid off (unless you do things), and so on. Nothing major. Oh, the power button WILL take a while to get used to.

Reviews on HTC One

Not that I’m very surprised since it’s a very good phone. Why on earth would I get “the other one” for the SAME amount of money and get the thinnest polycarbonate they could find and plastic? When I can get One in aluminium for the same money. With Zoe and Boomsound and ALL that.

Recap on the HTC blog http://blog.htc.com/2013/03/htc-one-coverage-recap/?NS01










HTC One – STILL the best phone around

Yup, I dare to claim it IS. Still, even after the farcical “show” that was the gs4 announcement yesterday. It’s very clear to see where samsung are spending there money now, it’s for sure NOT at R&D., since their “new” gs4 mostly reminds me of ANY iphone since 2008. The same in, with a few new “features” and “functions”. In the case of gs4: most/all we’ve seen before already, like the S-translate: used Google Translate and you know what I mean. Most “new” things there have been around as apps for years.

I just wonder: where is the Innovation? Releasing a phone that LOOKS the same, just a bit bigger, does NOT count as innovation at all in my book. This is of course what I think as well, you can of course LOVE gs4 since you love Samsung as a brand as much as I love HTC. But: seriously, try One and you know where to spend your money.

And: I do encourage people to say what they want to say, but please don’t do the regular “wake up, gs4 is better”. Tell me WHY it is, and don’t use it’s specification since that will NOT work with me. Use logical reasons, reasons with thought behind them.

First impression of HTC One

When I finally got the One in my hand I just melted, liked I melted when I got the One X in my hand the first time. It’s that good, and then some. It makes One X, that’s a brilliant phone, looks old and outdated. That says a LOT. This will come in Swedish as well, I just need to get the english version done first.

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