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Droider Recommended Apps – Keyboard & Launchers Edition

We’re of course talking Android apps now. In a random order, just apps that I like.  Will focus on a few launchers and keyboards this time.

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Comparison of note apps

Are going to look at a number of note taking apps. Will exclude htc stock note app from this list since you can’t download it from play store and install it on a nexus. This is to be seen as a introduction, and a small guide to what’s around.

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Setting Grid Size for Sense 5 app launcher

As on recent HTC phones.

When you’re on start of the app launcher, pull down with your finger once to reveal a menu type thing where you can select how to view and such. And to the right you have Menu where you’ll find Grid Size, simply select 4 x 5 to display a total number of 16 apps (it uses one row for other things).