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Using custom sounds for Notification and Alarm on HTC Android phones

This is really an old trick, but worth to show again.

You can use most types of sound-files, using mostly MP3 and such myself.

It’s pretty easy and straightforward:

  • connect phone to computer (shown on windows 8 here), open the storage.
  • Choose to either, you don’t have to create all. If you just want custom alarms, just create the alarms folder:
    • create folders notifications, alarms and ringtones as separate folders.
    • [shown as gallery] Create a folder called Media and in that create a folder called Audio, and under that create alarms, notifications and ringtones
  • Copy the sounds you want to use into the folder of choice.
  • Done!

Using Gmail to centralize mail accounts

Simple as this: you want push mail on your android phone with one of your “regular” accounts (pop mail), and as you know that can be pretty tricky (at best). But, fear not! Google of course got a solution for that.

You simply add the accounts (up to 5) you want to use into gmail (use computer), and you add pop3 settings and such and if you want to: you can even add settings for sending mail via gmail. And since Gmail is push, you get your mail more or less instantly!


Droider Quick Troubleshooting Guide

Or: DQTG. The guide which name takes longer to say than the remedy itself.

  • Restart your phone. Do a soft reset, on phones with removable battery you just remove the battery and wait a while. One One X and such: you press power button for 10 seconds (it will count down)
  • Having problems with phone after update? Check this
  • Your Windows phone do not react at all? Press power button for at least 20 seconds. This works with most android HTC phones as well, even tablets.
  • If you’re having problem with calling and sending texts, don’t play around with settings in your phone for it. Remove and check your sim instead. Even: make sure that you’ve got balance on your prepaid card (I’ve seen this). Check the simple little things. Check that your network is ok if you just can’t get online.
  • Your One X (and such) died since battery ran out. And now when you put it on charge just nothing happens. Relax: it’s ok, if battery is very flat: it will do a pre-charger routine on the battery and the charging led will not come on at once. It can take up to 20-40 min for it to come on, and when it do it might flash for a while.
  • Charging led don’t come on! see above, and if it still doesn’t. Check with other cable and/or other charger. If it still dead: call support.
  • Phone is running slower and slower. Start with soft reset, followed by an factory restore if it didn’t do much. And: be a bit restrictive with apps after the factory restore just to find the culprit of the slowdown.
  • Reboot into Safe mode just to see if the app you’ve recently installed is to blame for your phone acting up (often is the simple reasons).
  • Use a bit of common sense: it’s rarely complex things behind the problems, it’s often the simple ones.


I am sure that there’s more, either by me or you reading this..


Writing to a NFC tag with One X+

Using an app from NXP (they make NFC chips), NFC TagWriter by NXP. This app does most of what you need when it comes to NFC. There’s another one called NFC Tasker that works a bit differently, but that will get it’s own post later on.

As always: make sure that NFC is ON before you start. The app itself is pretty simple to use.

Writing to an NFC tag with 8X

Pretty simple really, first you just need to make sure that TAP + SEND is enabled. Once you’ve done that.

Just install NFC Tag Writer and open the app, just select what you want to write to the tag. Just enter the information you want, hold the tag to the phone (ignore any questions about adding things from the tag). The “write TAG” lights up and you just tap it and it’s done.


To transfer files to phone from computer with MTP

What is MTP then? it’s simply what’s been used in One S, One X and One X+ that’s running 4.1.1 (jelly bean). Stands for Media Transfer Protocol and is developed by Microsoft, and as you would guess it works very well on more recent versions of Windows. But, you need an additional download on Windows XP to get it to work. Forget it on xp. And on mac? Sure, you can get it to work if you download the file needed for it.

Edit: MTP is also used in the new HTC One.

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