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Site has been reworked

Removed the footer of the site since it was rather intrusive and in some ways fugly. Instead there’s used a thing called Infinite Scroll, where the page simply loads 7 more posts each time you go to the bottom of the page. So, no need to click “Older posts”. All you need to do is to scroll down the page. Easy, huh?

Tweaked the site a bit

Have been working hard this week to get this site (droider.eu) to be as smooth and fast-loading as possible. And now it’s getting there, even though there’s a few little things left to fix (always are).

So, what do you think? Found some bugs/errors? How does it load? 

Tell me!

Droider supports HTC

I know that some will think that I’m crazy now “but, they just cancelled One S sense 5 update. How can you support htc?”. Just because of that I will support HTC.

Sure, I did NOT like that news at all I can tell you. And I think that it’s a serious mistake the way it’s been handled. I agree with you that are a disappointed in this, I suffer with you in this mess.

But, HTC is MY brand. I’m an hardcore fan. For me HTC is MY team, a team that messes up a bit in the season but it’s still YOUR team and you wouldn’t even DREAM of going to another team since it’s YOUR team. HTC is my obsession.

And I will support them when they need it the most (like now). HTC have made a mistake in this, but for me HTC is human and humans makes mistakes at times. And: I stick to people. I trust people (even when I shouldn’t). You need to look at the bigger picture now than to just zoom in on this little thing, yes: it’s really a little thing.  Blowing it out of all proportions will not help. Sure, if you want to move to samsung and seriously move down when it comes to innovations and brilliance: be my guest. I will just see it as slightly silly since you moves to a company known for crappy updates, and wasn’t updates important here?

Or am I missing the point completely here? is it really about something else?  all the “i hate htc” post I see on facebook. Perhaps it’s just venting and really means something else? I don’t really get it. I don’t get all the anger and hatred. Around an update, for a cell phone. I understand that people will a bit cheated, but don’t get dragged into mass-psychosis over this.

So: HTC is my brand. Period.

Droider pages turns 3!

Yes, 3  years old. Who would know that my little hobby would still be around 3 years later. I though that the Desire was pretty amazing when it came. Now it’s clearly a 3 year old phone, a phone-year is like 5.5 human years at least.

Droider got started as ‘Androider’ between April 16th and 20th 2010, just a tiny little blog I started since I had to learn wordpress at the time for another project and I just couldn’t find what I wanted to read about Desire. So, I started a blog. Pretty much the only way if you want to learn how a blog really works. It got it’s own domain in august of 2010, but androider was taken on swedish .se domain so I had a 4 min thinking and just cut “an” from it. That was really it. Not that I like SW or anything (I kinda do tho).

It’s been a wild ride these years. The facebook page Droider.se I just got since the host I had for droider.se was pretty sucky and the site went down like at least once a day. So, the facebook was purely a backup. That got more and more attention from me and others. And it quickly outgrew the page. There was an idea for a while to create a page around One series of phones, but I quickly scrapped that idea since I’m in this for the long haul and I just like this page as well. There’s a cool mix of people here, sometimes the odd samsung lover but those are welcomed as well. As long as they behave…

What’s next? To just keep doing my thing. Droider keeps doing the same. Regardless what phones are around. HTC fan page and crowd “support” or what to call it. A page for me and others that love HTC phones. Period.

Windows Phone 8 and Macs.

I’m forever going to be a Mac, never a PC. But today I discovered that being a Mac gives you unneeded issues when it comes to connecting a Windows Phone to the iOS software. I spent literally hours today trying to figure out how to sync my new 8X to my Mac, just so I could put some new music on my phone. It was a long haul, but I finally got there! So, instead of just “buying a real computer”, (thanks Craig! ;)), I figured I should share my new found knowledge with you guys so it helps anyone else out with a Mac that may encounter the same issues I had!

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