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My first quick look at Nokia 7 Plus

Yeah, I know, I’ve been known for doing ONLY HTC phones since 2010. But, now it was time for a change. First of series of posts about both the Nokia phone and Android One itself.

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Change is coming

Almost wrote “winter is coming” but right now it’s getting to be summer. Anyway..

This page (including facebook page etc) will be repurposed from HTC/Android to more to a more pure Android page later on this spring/summer. More in the Android One/Pixel world. To be specific it will be based on Android One.

And very possibly a Nokia Android One device. But, if all goes according to plan there will be an Android One device in my possession this summer.

More later!

Problem with Let Me Know form

Noticed that the Let Me Know form did NOT send the form information to my mail in some cases. But, it have now been replaced with another method that is confirmed to send the mail directly to me. Sorry for the inconvenience.  From now on I will be getting your mails.

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