Early days

This ride started like eight years ago (summer 2008) when I got myself a Asus netbook that ran an optimized version of linux made for the smaller screen. A bit simplified as well, which made the geek inside me think “I wonder how a phone like that would be?”. I think that I had the idea even before the asus netbook but that really made me want a “linux phone”. Cue Hero, which I almost got but for some reason I didn’t get it. I think I was broke or something (most likely).

Then in february 2010 HTC announces Desire, and I just HAD to get it. It was everything I wanted in a phone, it was more than a phone and it was more than the iphones around which was “standard go to phone” at the time here in Sweden. But, I knew that I just had to get something with Android on it. Desire fitted perfectly in what I wanted in a phone, despite it having storage that was lacking a bit. It was still an amazing phone for the time.

Why a blog?

Why I started to blog was really pretty simple. At that time someone had asked me if I could setup a wordpress.org installation as a demonstrator, so I was playing around with that.

And, I do best when I do it for real: so I installed a blog on a domain I have with a friend. A simple little thing called Androider,  April 16th 2010, waiting for my Desire that I got April 19th. Just thought that I would cover a bit of the “normal” things I didn’t find when I looking around. The xda type stuff is normally easy to find, but not the “regular” stuff how you do normal stuff on the phone. That is why I kept at it, to keep like notes for myself as well. And, to my amazement people actually read it and LIKED what I wrote. So I kept at it.

Androider? you’re called Droider now? what happened?

That’s actually pretty easy to explain, in August 2010 I thought that I would get a domain for the blog as it was growing a bit and it looks better as well. And when I was to buy androider.se that domain was taken so “why not remove the AN? droider.se will make at least as much sense and be shorter”. So, that’s why Droider.se. And the facebook page was only because the current host for the site was kinda flakey , it kept going offline, so I just created a facebook page so I could post “sorry, site is down. Be patient please!”

Things moving on

It’s never been any calculated steps in this, most steps have just happened since it felt best that way. Or just evolved that way. I do this because I like it. Edit 2014-09-14: I do got ads on this site now, but makes very little from it. It just about covers the cost for the hosting.

So, you’re telling me that you do this since you just like to help?

Yup, that’s really how simple it is. And, I’ve been doing this over 4 years. I’m just used to it, this is what I do. This is my hobby and in some ways my life.

 So, how do you know so much?

I’ve done technology for like 20-22 years, I’m NOT new in the game. And, I’ve got a past as a professional instructor/educator as well. I pick up on things, I read things, I talk to people. This is MY thing, this is what I do for fun.  And, when you have a solid background and education things are just easier to understand.

So, who are you?

I’m just a regular swedish guy called Tobbe, birth name is Torbjörn but that you have to be Scandinavian to say. Born in Northern Sweden but now I live just outside Stockholm, Sweden.

 What about the future?

I will do this as long as I find it fun/useful in any way, and even when it’s not that I will still do it as long as I possibly can since I think that there’s a need for this page. Simple as that.

I want to help/have an idea for the page

If you want to contribute, the best way is to use the Let me know page.