Over a month with a Nokia 7 Plus

Basically that I really like it. But more after the jump.

The battery in it (3800 mAh) have forced me to change charging procedure as it lasts well past a single day. And with a single day I mean from like 8 in the morning to 22 at night. 24 hrs with this phone is easy, unless you’re on it a LOT but then you still get a full day pretty comfortably. And that is without using the power saving mode.

And, I noticed that after the Pie update, using Adaptive brightness for the display really helps. 

Any Android Pie “quirks” on it?

What I’ve noticed most is that that default launcher (Quickstep) can hang and stuff as times, but very rarely for me. But, nothing that you really notice all the time. I think I’ve seen it 2-3 times since I got the update, which is around a month now. And, since it was pretty much new when I installed the Pie update I haven’t done a factory reset.


The camera is pretty ok on it, it’s not flagship quality but more than enough for everyday use. The phone itself is snappy enough for most things you throw at it. It does the regular social media things very very well. 

For a medium priced phone I think that it handles very well. It was 3990 SEK for me, which equals now around €385/£335 (rounded numbers). Compared to iphones it’s VERY good value for money. It looks good as well, it feels sturdy.

No real lags expect for the quickstep launcher “things” it does, mainly around when it installs new updates but not really a recurring issue. It “just” hangs, and is just fine after a restart. But, a rare thing.

That it lacks a notification LED bugged me a bit at first, but after a while you get used to it. And with the quick glance, you get the notifications you need anyways. And it’s actually pretty nice to NOT have a led flashing, demanding your attention.

I just like it. Wellspent money. Of course, there’s as cheap phones from China that would have gotten me faster processor etc but not this well built. Extra bonus is that it kinda looks like a larger version of the new Pixel 3, without the bottom speaker and so on. Software wise it’s VERY close, as the Nokia 7 Plus got Nokia camera and support app instead.

So, to round this up

Me Like. I use.