My first quick look at Nokia 7 Plus

Yeah, I know, I’ve been known for doing ONLY HTC phones since 2010. But, now it was time for a change. First of series of posts about both the Nokia phone and Android One itself.

So, why the Nokia 7 Plus?

That decision was a combination of the following factors:

  • Price
  • Somewhat rugged design and material choice
  • Android One, wanted to try what’s pretty much stock clean Android.
  • A Nokia. Sort of. 
  • Large battery
  • Part of Project Treble, which means faster updates etc.

The screen protectors and case was purchased separately. I paid 3990 SEK for the phone itself here in Sweden September 19th 2018.

First impression

After I did a quick install of screen protector and case, I know myself. I was pretty impressed that it gave me fours hours of on-screen time while doing the first initial setup and downloading of around 5 updates and at least 20-30 app updates. 

It’s big. It’s rather heavy. And it feels pretty solid. The only thing that I initially missed was the absence of a notification led, but that need have gotten a bit less since it got a “at a glance” type thing where it turns on the screen and shows you time and notification icons on the display.

Felt slightly “laggy” initially, but that I would attribute to downloading of updates etc. But, after the last update (V2.22M) I think that it feels a bit smoother. 

Things that I don’t like

That is a thing that most people will not really even care about, but I wanted to look at it properly via the adb tools. And there is where it’s not very straightforward, as I can’t find official drivers for adb/fastboot etc. It doesn’t put me off it, just not used to that fact. 

And that the launcher used in it lacks ability to disable shortcuts that play store adds, as that setting in Oreo moved from where it was before, and is now a launcher thing. The solution? install Nova launcher or something else that got that option.

I’m sure that I will find other tiny little things, but nothing major (so far).

Final words. For now

It’s a nice mid range phone. Rather quick. Got enough storage even without memory card, but it’s always nice with a card. The curved edges of the display makes fitting of a screen protector slightly more difficult, or you get one (like I did) that’s made a bit too small to avoid going onto the edges too much. Not a big thing really. More will for sure come!

Oh, I almost forgot! Since it uses USB-C in the phone you’ll have to get a few more cables unless it’s not the first USB-C device that you own.