The T-mobile One M8 is NOT getting Nougat

We’ve all seen the articles on this.

But, as most of us guessed it’s of course NOT true. As it turned out it was “simply” a mistake. My guess is that someone confused the One M8 and a HTC phone that is indeed getting the Nougat update.

It was reported HERE first that it was getting it, and the same site debunked it later on.

Update [March 27, 2017]: We just received confirmation from a T-Mobile rep and it seems they mistakenly updated the HTC One M8 page with the mention of Android 7.0 Nougat update being rolled out for it. T-Mobile will have it corrected soon. So it’s not happening, phew!

[Update: Not happening] HTC One M8 is getting Android 7.0 Nougat update, T-Mobile will be rolling it out soon

You have the corrected info page here

And, why didn’t the M8 get nougat?

I think that the biggest reason was that it got Marshmallow a bit before it turned two years old (was released in March 2014).  It simply got all the updates that it could inside the two year window.

And, no drivers might be another reason

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