How to reset a memory card for your HTC phone using Windows

Or pretty much any memory card for any kind of application. And you need a Windows Vista or up computer.

This will NOT work on a Windows XP computer. So, don’t even try on such a thing. Computer used here is a Windows 10 home computer.

This is to be used when you’ve tried to format a memory card as “internal storage” and it for some reason didn’t work. And leaving the card encrypted and formatted in a way that a Windows computer can’t read it. Well, nothing can read it really.


This is done at your own risk. If you feel that you don’t understand the steps: PLEASE stop and avoid doing the whole process.

So, what does it do?

it simply removes any partition on the memory card. Regardless what file system on the card. Resets the card. Wipes it clean, more than just a format.

This I initially wrote to be used with cards used with raspberry pi computers but it’s the same process here as well.


Since you can overwrite ANY disk in your computer using this tool: only proceed when you are a VERY sure about the disk number.  Do not attempt if you're scared by computers.

First you need to start the command prompt, the easiest way to do that is to click the magnifying glass and search for “cmd” (or “command prompt”). Or right-click the start button (the windows flag) and select “run” and simply type “cmd” and click “ok”

Start diskpart

diskpart <enter>

Now you will get a question if you want to allow diskpart to make changes to your computer. Just click “yes”. Couldn’t screenshot this screen.

This will run the “diskpart” command line tool in a second command window.

Just remember to press <enter> to execute each command.

To see the disks in the computer enter

list disk <enter>

In the example above “Disk 4” is the obvious choice as it’s a 16GB memory stick connected to that computer.

Now you need to select that disk by enter, or the number in your case.


select disk=[number of disk to clean]

In my example below it’s disk 4, so

select disk=4

Diskpart will now confirm what disk you selected. If you want to, you can do another “list disk” command that will now show a star sign next to the disk you selected (disk 4 in this example).


Now we can enter

clean <enter>

Which will clean any partitions of the selected disk, and confirm that it did.

With the partition table removed we will need to create a new one with

convert mbr <enter>

And to create a new primary partition with

create partition primary

The card is now completely empty and needs to be formatted, do that in This PC where you simply right click the card and select “format”. Just click “start” to format the card.