How to find accessories and spare parts for your HTC phone

I know that it’s sometimes not easy. But, I got a few hints and pointers.

Know the correct name of your phone. LIke, the current HTC flagship (Nov 2016) is called HTC 10. It’s NOT called “One M10” or anything else. Having the correct name of the phone WILL help a LOT.

Sometimes you can find that case or pouch in your local store, but as many of you know it can be hard to find them for HTC phones since they’re sadly not as common now they used to be.

Some pouches comes in different sizes, which makes it important to know just how big your phone is. And just what it’s called, since then you get how big it is. See. Easy.

And, this is my “secret” tip: Google it. In case you need to know the exact model number for that Desire 500 battery. And then you take that information and use it on Ebay etc.

And be as precise as you can while looking for it, sometimes you can find the name for a certain case of the HTC page and then search for that on Ebay/etc to get it much cheaper. Yes, here you need to inject some common sense as well. If it’s TOO cheap it might of course be a fake. But might still work just fine as a case/pouch/etc.

That is where most of my accessories for my M8 comes from the UK Ebay, since they’re still in the EU and it’s cheaper for me here in Sweden.

Just don’t pissed off since you can’t find it in a store, look online instead.