Having issues with wifi connection on your HTC phone

This I see every now and then. It’s more than just the phone.

Basically this: if anyone tells you that it’s 100% the phone, I wouldn’t really believe that as you have the router in the equation as well.

Sure, sometimes it’s very obvious that it’s the phone that fails but it’s actually more common that the router fails. Or even other things connected to the router that makes your HTC phone to fail with the connection.

Let’s try things

  1. Use a modern router that’s not 10 years old
  2. Try on more than one router.
  3. Reboot your wifi router.
  4. Make sure that the wifi settings are in order.
  5. Sometimes resetting the wifi router does wonders for connection drops etc.
  6. Search for software updates in the router interface, I’ve seen that help in some brands of wifi routers.
  7. Disconnect every other thing connecting to the router via wifi, and try with only the phone that got issues.
  8. Make sure that your phone is in a nice working order. I would do a factory reset etc. If it still doesn’t behave on wifi after all you tried with the wifi router. You got some pointers on how to fix the phone HERE.

And, if it behaves in the same strange ways on more than one router. That points to it being the phone.