Took your HTC phone for a swim?

As in your not waterproof HTC phone. That just doesn’t like water. And it just gets a little wet.

Here’s what you do

Turn it off as QUICKLY as you possibly can. Remove the battery if possible (certain desire models). Remove the sim card, memory card and everything else.

Remove any case you have on it.  Dab the phone as dry as you can with a dry cloth.

Alt A)  Wrap the phone in some paper, then put it  in a container with about 1/3 raw uncooked dry rice in the bottom of the container.  You can skip the paper if you want but it might keep out rice particles in places you don’t want it. Close the lid, it should be a tight closing as possible. Let it sit in a dry not too warm place for 24-48 hours.

Alt B) Place the phone in a ziplock (or any thicker sealable) bag with raw uncooked dry rice in it, same procedure then as Alt A.

Try to charge your phone, make sure that it doesn’t get too hot while doing that. Disconnect it as once if it starts to smell like “battery toast”.

If it charge nicely, then try turning it on.

If it’s doesn’t turn on, consider buying a new phone since repairing a water damaged phone can get expensive. And, some will not even try fixing it just because of this when the parts can become more than a new phone.

And, do check your insurance since sometimes you are covered that way.

What you DO NOT do

Whatever you do, do not turn it on.

Don’t press any buttons or keys, unless to turn it off in the first “what you do step”.

Don’t try to shake the water out of it, as that can cause more damage. Don’t use force.

Do not take apart the phone more than the memory slots cover etc.

Do not blow on it, with your own lungs or compressed air. As that might force water deeper into the phone, causing more damage.

Do not heat it up. Do not try to blow dry it. Heat can cause more damage. Do not put it in the microwave, do that with the leftovers from last nights dinner instead.

DO NOT let it dry directly in sunlight as that might cause even more damage.

Do not cool down your phone. Do not put it in the freezer.