A first brief look at the Marshmallow update on One M8

I know: it’s been released to American and Taiwan phones before this. But, now it seems that it started for “real” with the European release of the update.

This will not be my usual walkthrough, that I’m saving for tomorrow since it will take time just to organise.

Overall impression

It’s FAST. And I didn’t even do a factory reset yet. Yes, it will of course work a little harder the first 10-15 mins after update since it WILL need to update a bunch of apps etc. So, start with fully charged phone. It doesn’t hurt.

It’s more stock AOSP than before. Things are more Google now. Sure, Sense is still there but since Android have started to look like Sense: this isn’t really a problem.

Yes, Doze is there. And Google Now On Tap and those nice bits. It looks nice and clean. Yes, things have CHANGED. Some bits (like fonts) have moved. Other things like Power Saver have changed to the more or less default AOSP Android Power Saver that doesn’t have any settings for it. Things are just more “true” Android. But, Android have changed in the direction of Sense: so it’s a good thing.

At a quick glance it looks pretty much as before but with the full Sense 7 look. BUT, when you start to dig a little, you’ll soon notice that there’s lots of new nice things there. It feels like the perfect mix of Sense and AOSP Android to me.

It’s nice and quick. It’s smooth. It’s good

More to come