What does “flagship” really mean?

This we’ve all seen a lot. “their flagship phone.”. And, so on. But, what does it really mean?


This originates from the naval world where the ship that when the
admiral/leader of a navy was on a ship, that ship had the admiral/leader flag on it. Simply explained (might use the wrong descriptors). And, that ship was often the best ship. The most premium ship.

Flagship on Wikipedia

So, when we’re talking about a “flagship phone” today, it’s the top premium model of a brand. Like “flagship store” means that it’s their best most premium store.

For HTC current that on a global scale is the One M9, where India/etc got the One M9+. And, previous flagships is One M7, One M8. It’s “Just” the best of that brand, often per year. So, “the 2013 HTC flagship” would be One M7 and so on.

So in short: today it simply means the best of a brand.