Having issues with your HTC phone after a major update

With “major update” I mean like a new Android or Sense version.

For some it works just fine, and for some less fine.

This is mostly focused on phones with Lollipop

This isn’t because the update is “bad” or whatever you want to call it, it’s simply a part of the update process. Each phone is a little different, sometimes you get very strange results.

This is well-known tested methods to sort out the “kinks” as much as possible.

I recommend to start off with wiping the cache partition, since that on its own will sort out various little things.

Having issues with Facebook or just generic non-specific issues?

Start by resetting facebook or facebook messenger, by simply going to Settings > Apps > All > [app] > Force stop and Clear data. And log in again.

If that doesn’t do much. Then try the next thing:

Go to under Settings > Developer options. where you find Use Nuplayer (experimental) and disable that (untick).  And restart phone after.

This is Android 5.0.x specific, 5.1 and later behaves in a different way.

You have no Developer options under Settings? Follow THIS

Battery and Charger Reset Procedure

This recalibrates battery, if battery is slow to charge or just behaves strangely. Start with a phone that got roughly 10% battery left. This will make your hands hurt.

This I don’t see as needed unless you are having SERIOUS battery problems AND did the factory reset and wiping cache partition already. But, I will leave it here in case it’s needed.

  1. Charge with a HTC charger for at least two minutes, up to 10 minutes.
  2. While still on charger, hold and press vol up + vol down + power. Press all at once and keep pressed.
  3. Phone will do a 15 second power on/off cycle.
  4. After doing this for two minutes, release all buttons when phone is ON.
  5. Fully charge phone.

And KNOW that your battery life will take several weeks to get back to normal after such a procedure and battery charts will look odd/strange before you fully charge it 1-3 times.

Factory reset

Simply follow the instructions HERE. It will of course take a while to setup your phone again, but it’s so worth it.

Sometimes you have to do this TWICE on a phone with Lollipop, at least what I’ve seen. So, if you do a factory reset once on a Lollipop phone and it doesn’t seem to really work then just do it again.

Wipe Cache Partition

Simply follow the instructions HERE. This step will not remove any personal content on your phone, it will merely make sure that the environment on your phone is as nice and clean as possible.

A little note
Desire 820 with Lollipop seems to do this the pre-lollipop way. So follow THIS guide and it should work just fine.

Now you phone should run better