Having issues with battery – July 2015 Edition

This is as always the start of the process and perhaps not the final solution.

The reason why your battery life is a bit bad(do not under ANY circumstances call it “battery backup”, as that refers to a secondary help battery) can have many different reasons. I will try to cover a few here, from easy to a bit hard.

I can debunk the first myth: “you need to replace your battery”. NO.  Simply NO.


Yes, a simple restart does wonder sometimes. So, have always that as the first step.

Easy fixes

It’s OFTEN due to apps you have installed, from games to whatnot. As a first simple fix:

Remove some apps. Yes, as simple as that. Oh, restart your phone when you’re done. If you want a simple way of removing apps, go to Settings > Storage > Make more space > Apps, where you will see list of apps that you can remove.

And, never install apps from outside Play Store unless you really know what you are doing and KNOW that the app you install is a good one.

You have more on phone maintenance HERE

A little more

With the following guides, you simply do one at a time until it works.  I would recommend that you start with a factory reset if you already haven’t.

Factory reset

To simply start over with the phone. This removes all user data and apps installed etc. It will however not revert installed update back to previous version. Just make that you have contacts synced first, as having your contacts on your google account is to recommend. I rarely backup apps etc since they can themselves be the problem. Read about it HERE

Wipe Cache partition

A way to get rid of various odd issues with battery etc. Read aboout it more HERE. If your phone is on 4.4.x, read THIS guide.

Battery and Charger Reset Procedure

This recalibrates battery, if battery is slow to charge or just behaves strangely. Start with a phone that got roughly 10% battery left. This will make your hands hurt.

This I don’t see as needed unless you are having SERIOUS battery problems.

  1. Charge with a HTC charger for at least two minutes, up to 10 minutes.
  2. While still on charger, hold and press vol up + vol down + power. Press all at once and keep pressed.
  3. Phone will do a 15 second power on/off cycle.
  4. After doing this for two minutes, release all buttons when phone is ON.
  5. Fully charge phone. Doesn’t matter if it’s on or off. It just need to be fully charged.

Edit: Ooops, managed to say “up” two times on the second point there, but I think that most read past that and got that it meant “both volume buttons”.

You need a few restarts and charging cycles until you will notice anything really. This take at least a week for any change to be noticed.