This week – End of may 2015

Just various rants and other things

Android M

Google announced the Developer Preview of Android M some days ago. Looks pretty interesting with everything around it. DO know that it was “just” the Preview and not the ready version. HTC have confirmed M9 and M9+ for this, but as it’s just in the very early stages yet: don’t take that as the final phones to get it. I assume One M8 to get it as well. Where is something to actually make an update from.


HTC have updated a bunch of phones to Lollipop, my mind is too fevery to recall just what phones now. But, HTC doesn’t really say just what phones that will get updates: unless it’s the current flagship. And, asking about it repeatedly online will not really help.

Don’t worry

Just USE your phone. If there’s a problem: use Uncle Google first to get help.  If you don’t find help there, then you can ask on the FB groups that you like (like mine) or call HTC support. But, learning about it by googling will help you in the long-run. Just don’t take all that you read on XDA as “facts”. Some things there should be in the fairytale section. Compare. Look around.