Factory Reset – Why do we do it?

People say to me “Why do a factory reset? It won’t solve a hardware issue” – and they’re exactly right! However they’re missing the point – that is WHY we do it.

Let me explain. You get an issue with your phone – let’s say it’s with the DotView function for instance. Dotview has three major components (no, it really does!). It has the Dotview case, the phone’s hardware, and the phone’s software. We need to know which component is causing the issue before we decide what to do, to fix it.

No use sending it off to Service (and that might cost you money), if the problem is in Software – and even if you’re convinced it’s hardware related, you lose nothing by making certain.

To make sure it’s not the Dotview Case causing the issue, it’s cheap enough that you could simply buy a replacement… or if a friend has one, try theirs. Having eliminated that, the next cheapest option is to do a factory reset. The reason this is so perfect is that if it fixes it, you’re DONE. If it doesn’t fix it, then the only thing left is the phone hardware… and a trip to Service.

When you do a Factory Reset, the phone is returned to a state where it is unmodified, as if it has just been delivered from the factory but with the latest software installed (you don’t lose your updates). There is no user customisation, no settings etc… so anything which worked at the factory, should work now… except if it’s hardware.

Featured image courtesy of Andrew Dean Photography