How to buy a mobile phone

Just a few pointers in the fun world of phone purchases. This is just the start of it all. Add your own finesse to it as well.

1. Know your budget.  Get a little more than what you expect that you need, since you might want a big memory card or that fancy case for it as well. 

2. On contract or not? If you’re getting a phone on contract, which might be the cheapest way in the moment. Assume that a phone on contract in the long-run will cost you more. It’s not the cheapest way. And, a phone on contract got it’s software branded/locked to that particular carrier/network. Recommendation: buy it sim-free.  It might be more expensive at the moment, but you gain from it in the long run.

3. Access retailer websites, go to shops, and look at the phones they offer that are the same as or less than your budget.

4. Make a shortlist of the ones you like the best.

5. Compare specs, features and design by using the Internet some more. Google it. Know the specs. Know what the features means.

6. Choose a phone. Wisely. Sleep on it. Read this.

7. Know what variant of the phone you are getting. Make sure that it’s not an american carrier phone if you live outside the USA.
Read more about that here and HERE and make sure you’re getting an orignal HTC phone by reading THIS.

8. Find a seller that you trust. Read up on return policies etc BEFORE you finalise the purchase.

Enjoy your new phone!