The Droider “Secrets” to good battery life – April 2015 Edition

This at least works for me, and pretty much anyone.

This assumes that the battery and everything is in good working order. If you do this: and you still have rubbish battery life, might mean that you’ve got some kind of hardware problem.

  • Never drain battery on purpose. As that might damage the battery in the long run.
  • With a new phone 1: don’t expect full battery life from the start. Will take a while for the battery to get conditioned.
  • With a new phone 2: let battery fall to around 10% left until you charge the phone the first couple of weeks. But, do NOT drain battery until phone dies on a regular basis as that can be bad.
  • Charge as you need.
  • User Power Saver and/or Extreme Power Saver (on some HTC phones). At least know what it is, and where you set it.
  • Avoid using Antivirus apps and any such apps. You are safe as long as you only install apps from play store.
  • Battery saving app can use MORE battery. Don’t.
  • Always known what apps you’ve got installed. Limit your apps a bit. I do app culls at times. Install apps only from Play store to avoid bad things as well.
  • Wipe the cache partition ever now and then.
  • Do a factory reset around larger upgrades (new sense/android). You have more about that HERE
  • Know that mobile data can suck your battery dry in some places.  Yes, sometimes you sit between towers making it switching between two (or more).
  • Be nice to your phone. Clean it a bit every now and then. Don’t let it sit out in the sun, since that might damage things.
  • M8 Lollipop recommendations
  • M7 Lollipop recommendations

You have more about phone maintenance HERE.

See this is just a start of doing this. Add your own “quirks” to it.