How to make your own custom theme with HTC Maker Pro

The result from it can be used on a Sense 6 phone with the new Sense home update and all Sense 7 phones.

I assume that all knows that Sense home is the new name for what used to be called Blinkfeed, and that you update it via Play Store.  Play Store > My Apps, find the Sense home update and just update. If you’re on Lollipop, Lock screen update as well.

I will only mention the basics now, and will not go into how I made the actually icons since that is a couple of guides on it’s own.

You can use the simpler Theme maker if you want as well, but Maker Pro gives you a little more options. Then you just start the guide when you go to HTC themes.

First you got to THIS page, where you click Maker Pro. Where you log in with the same HTC account as on your phone, I just use my my facebook as login as it’s the easiest way.

But, here I will cover Maker Pro

On the Maker Pro page you select Themes.

After you’ve done on each, you click NEXT in the upper right hand corner.



Set regular home screen wallpaper. The cat on my wallpaper is btw a Lynx, a native to where my family comes from (and where some lives).

Lock screen

Set lock screen wallpaper, it defaults to be same as Home wallpaper

All apps

Simply background for all apps


Simply background for Messages. This does NOT work on a Sense 6 phone.

Dot view wallpapert_2

Here you set Dot view wallpaper



Color palette

Apps gets sorted into 4 categories and you can set a color for each, or apply the main colour for all apps. Have the exact colors that you like. Just click one of the 4 squares and simply set the colour you want. I like purple as you can see.


Sets background wallpaper for title bars.



Lets you set icons for HTC apps, Popular apps and All other apps. I’ve covered this in more depth HERE.


Lets you set a style of navigation icons. You can’t customize this, so you have selection of 8 different ones.

Weather clock


Lets you choose one of 3 styles, you can customize each of those with custom icons for all parts. I will do a separate article on that.

App styles


Nothing of this seems to work on Sense 6 so I’m skipping this part right now, I will return to it later.



Lets you set sounds for ringtone, notification and alarm. Simply use the default setting “keep existing sounds”.



Lets you set a system font. You got a rather large selection. The HTC default font is Roboto.



When you’re done setting font, you click Finish and it will ask for theme name and category and so on. After you’re done, click OK.

Saving the theme takes a while (or two), so don’t expect it to be done in two seconds.




Ok, so how do I use my custom icon theme?

First: You NEED to have the Sense home update on your Sense 6 phone first or this part will NEVER work. Of course it works on M9 as well since it got Sense 7 that’s made for this.

This assumes that you used the same HTC account on the HTC Maker Pro site as in your phone, I just log in with my Facebook.

Then you go to Themes, either in all apps or longpress on empty part of a regular screen and select Change or edit theme.

In the Themes app

Open the left hand menu, find My Themes. Which shows things you’ve created. For me it shows my creations. Just tap the one you want to use, click Download. Wait a while and simply tap Apply.

You now have applied your own custom theme on your phone! Easy, huh? Well, kinda anyways.