How to make your own custom icon pack with HTC Maker Pro

The result from it can be used on a Sense 6 phone with the new Sense home update and all Sense 7 phones.

I assume that all knows that Sense home is the new name for what used to be called Blinkfeed, and that you update it via Play Store.  Play Store > My Apps, find the Sense home update and just update. If you’re on Lollipop, Lock screen update as well.

I will only mention the basics now, and will not go into how I made the actually icons since that is a couple of guides on it’s own.

First you got to THIS page, where you click Maker Pro. Where you log in with the same HTC account as on your phone, I just use my my facebook as login as it’s the easiest way.

On the Maker Pro page you select Icons.

On the icon page you have a “download sample icon file”, which is the route I took myself. And it’s the easiest way if you want to upload all changed icons in one go. The defaulticon pack is just a zip which I just unzipped on my computer, then I used Photoshop and changed the colours of them (will NOT show that here, google for guides on that)

This requires that you have a collection of icon files saved as transparent PNG and with a 192 x 192 pixel size. I used the defaulticon sample pack which you can download, and altered a bit since I looove purple and wanted purple icons. Or you can draw your own. You can use any icon as long as it’s 192 x 192 pixels and transparent PNG.

Individual icon

If you just want to upload a few icons, you can do it per icon and then you don’t have to worry about file name etc. Then just either drag the icon into place or click Upload under the icon of choice.

Lots of icons

When I was done with my purple/violet Sense icons, I just clicked on Upload icons which gets you a Open window where I simply navigated on my computer where I had the altered defaulticons stored and simply selected them all by CTRL+A (select all). Then just click Open. You now see how your custom icon looks.

When you happy with how they look there you click Finish in the upper right hand part of the page. This will get you a window where you name your creation, Purple Sense made sense for me (pun intended).

When you click Ok your icon pack is saved and after a while it shows up in My creations.

Important: icon pack is Private when you first save it, if you want it Public you need to Publish it after.

Ok, so how do I use my custom icon pack?

First: You NEED to have the Sense home update on your Sense 6 phone first or this part will NEVER work. Of course it works on M9 as well since it got Sense 7 that’s made for this.

This assumes that you used the same HTC account on the HTC Maker Pro site as in your phone, I just log in with my Facebook.

Then you go to Themes, either in all apps or longpress on empty part of a regular screen and select Change or edit theme.

In the Themes app

Open the left hand menu, find My Themes. Which shows things you’ve created. For me it shows the icon pack I did. Just tap the one you want to use, click Download. Wait a while and simply tap Apply.

It shows up under Downloaded under Icon packs as well, when you make your own themes.

You now have applied your own custom icon pack on your phone! Easy, huh? Well, kinda anyways.