A short look at HTC One M9

Yes, it resembles the M8 but not in a bad way.

This took place in the Ericsson Globe here in Stockholm today where one of the largest tech retailers had something which they call Dustin Expo.

I can tell you this and get it over and done with: I LOVED it. I loved the look. It feels kinda like the M8 but MORE. The one I tested a bit was a pre-production (I assume) phone and didn’t have the lasted software on it: I was still impressed with how quick it was.

And, Sense 7 looks SWEET. Well, you already knew that I love it. Since I love my trusty M8. So, perhaps no surprise there.

Had a glimpse at Desire 620 at as well, and that actually looked interesting  in the budget phone field, forgot to take a photo of that one tho,