How to have your facebook post tagged with ‘HTC Sense’ from HTC One M7

This works the same way with any phone that got Blinkfeed, so most current HTC Android phones.

Yes, you need to have Blinkfeed active. Since it uses Blinkfeed. Of course. And to have Facebook as a service in Blinkfeed.

What you do is

  • Make sure that Blinkfeed is the active screen on your phone.
  • Swipe from the left edge to the right
  • This will open the content menu
  • Tap 3 dot menu
  • Tap compose
  • Select what to post as, Select Facebook
  • Write your message. Tap Post.

Know that this is for text ONLY, it will not work with images etc.

Screenshot_2015-03-19-15-20-41_1BUT: if you have included a location in your post earlier, sometimes¬†“htc sense” will be removed and show location there instead. Tap the location (drop pin icon) and it will show a list of locations, and the bottom part of that list it will show the location it will add with an X behind: tap the X will remove it. It should not include a location the next time, but just look for location name