Generic troubleshooting for your HTC phone

Assume that there’s an app that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to be doing and so on.

Will try to separate things a bit now, to get a better overview on things. As this is rather generic fixes, it might not cover every little bit, but is to be seen as a starting point.

Restart your phone

Yes, as simple as that. Just restart your phone. It’s always the very first thing you do. If something behaves “strange”, you always restart first. Since sometimes that WILL help. And, it’s easy to do.

Specific app that’s misbehaving

This can help for most app related things. Just go to
Settings > Apps > All > [Name of app], there you have:

  • Force stop, will force the app to stop running if it. Can be useful if it behaves badly.
  • Clear data, this clears ALL data used by the app. Like user settings etc.  Can be VERY useful. Do know that user settings is removed by doing this.
  • Clear cache, this clears up temporary data used by the app. Shouldn’t remove user settings etc in the app. Also very useful.

Google Play Store refuses to install or update apps

Step 1 is to clear cache in both Google Play Store and Google Play Services.

Settings > Apps > All > Google play store and Google Play services, where you Clear cache.

If that doesn’t help:

Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store, Clear data
Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Services > Manage space, Clear all data

That should fix your issues, sometimes you have to factory reset to iron out all the little kinks though.

Temporary issues there: Unistall updates, but those two steps before usually fixes things.

Facebook Messenger (and other Facebook apps) that misbehaves on a Lollipop phone

Lags etc , this is helpful on a Nexus as well.

Disable Nuplayer under Developer options. More on that HERE

Phone behaves badly after update

This I tend to see around all updates, which tends to be sorted out by a factory reset. Possibly wiping cache partition as well. It’s the factory reset which gives you the most “bang for the buck”.
More on that here

Sometimes you need to do a little more

  • If your battery life is bad, I’ve written about that HERE.
  • THIS shows you my recommend phone maintenance,