How to use ‘Trusted places’ on HTC One M7 with Lollipop

Simply that you just have to swipe your phone open when you’re at a certain address. Like Home or Work.

This requires that Smart Lock is enabled, or it will simply not work.

1. Make sure Smart Lock is on

This all happens under Settings > Security

You NEED to enable a lockscreen with a password, pattern or PIN first or the rest of the steps will simply not work. I use Pattern myself since that is what I prefer. Smart Lock requires this.

If Smart Lock turns on. Then you’re done. If it doesn’t, you need to keep on reading.

Then you go down to Trust Agents that you find right under Advanced. Inside there you will find Smart Lock, simply enable that. And step back into Security where you now will have Smart Lock.
More about Smart Lock

2. Enable Trusted Places

Open Settings > Security > Trusted places

If you got set Home and Work places in the Settings of Google Maps app, you can simply enable those. If they’re greyed out despite having set Home & Work address, first try to tap on the Home and Work bit (that worked on my M7). If that doesn’t help: open Google Maps and redo at least one of them under “Your places”. You might have to play around with it a bit. Or simply add it using Customised places, where you just tap on Add trusted place and simply enter the address.


That’s pretty much it. Now when you turn screen on, the pad lock should be unlocked where you are at or near a Trusted place. So, just swipe up to unlock without having to enter a pattern or pin/etc. And, when you’re outside a Trusted place you simply gets asked to enter your pattern/etc.