How to use ‘face unlock’ on HTC One M7 with Lollipop

I can directly say that it does NOT look like Face unlock looked before, it’s not even called Face Unlock any more. It’s now a part of Smart Unlock, where Trusted Face is just another “trust device”.

And, yes. It can feel a bit confusing the way it’s integrated but once you learn the “tricks”, it’s actually pretty simple.

But, there is no Face Unlock under lock screens!

Yes, as it’s supposed to be since it’s now a part of Smart Unlock. So it have moved. It’s now a part of Smart Unlock and Face unlock itself is called Trusted Face. I know. Wee bit confusing.

So, how do I use Face unlock?

  1. Enable a lock screen (pin/pattern/password) under Settings >Security > Lock screen
  2. If there is no Smart Lock even with the correct lockscreeen set, you need to follow THIS
  3. Follow the set up guide for Trusted Face under Settings >Security > Smart lock. It can be a little fiddly to get it right, just try until it’s done.

That’s it, but don’t expect to see much of this when using it on the lock screen.

What you see below is the 3 states of the unlock “pad lock” or what to call it. When you first turn the screen on, it will turn into a user icon type symbol, that means that it’s looking for your face (or have your face in “target”). You can now just swipe up to unlock your screen, assuming that you’re looking at your phone at the proper distance. Sometimes you need to wait for the unlocked pad lock symbol. If the pad lock is locked, it means that it didn’t find your face or simply failed. Swiping up will bring you to your regular PIN/password/pattern. This WILL take a bit of practice.