So, what’s in the Lollipop update for One M7?

Now I’m talking about a regular unlocked/unbranded European One M7. Carrier/network versions might be different.

You must update google play services, in order for things to properly work (smart lock, etc). Restart at least once if it refuses the first time

Version is 7.19.401.2, and size is 804.78MB. On a Swedish One M7. Sense version is 6.0, no change there. Android version is 5.0.2

What HTC says about the update

  • Android 5.0 Lollipop update
  • Lock screen and Notification. New Lollipop UI style with enhanced privacy features.
  • Recent apps: Supporting multiple pages
  • Addition of search function within Settings

Droider Findings – so far


  • Lock screen widgets all gone, since Lollipop doesn’t support it any more.
  • Home screen under Settings > Personalize got a new Easy Mode launcher. Which seems to be made for my dad.
  • Under Security Face Unlock have moved to Smart Lock, and is called Trusted Face. If you can’t see Smart Lock with a lock screen enabled (Pattern/Pin/Password), you need to enableSmart Lock as  Trust agent under Settings > Security > Trust agents where you just enable Smart Lock (Google).
  • Screen pinning, which lets you “Pin” an app to the screen and require a password to unpin it.
  • Accessibility got Color inversion and Color correction.  And a few other things, will cover it more in detail later on.


  • Lock screen is changed to the regular Lollipop style, swipe left/etc is gone. Swipe up is still of course there.
  • Recent apps show the new Lollipop style. BUT: you can change that in 3 dots menu > Settings > Layout, where you have the old Grid view as well.
  • Camera have some of the Eye experience features.
  • Lock screen now got full support for music player background etc. It will show album art as background of the lock screen. Works with stock music player and Google music, those I’ve tested at least.
  • Sense 6 is pretty much just the same way in 4.4.4. Nice and fast tho.
  • Developer options got a few new things. Default things are where you expect them to be. Animations under Advancedseems to be default ON.
  • ART is the default runtime. Dalvik is now a thing of the past.
  • User handling is a not a part of the HTC update.