How to show a list of triggered notifications on HTC One M8

And most other current HTC phones.

It will simply give you a list of notifications and when they occurred, but it will not show you the actual notification. Just what app that triggered it and when. Could be useful.

So, how do I do it?

  • Longpress on on regular screen, somewhere emtpy
  • Select “add apps and widgets”
  • Select Shortcuts at the dropdown-menu on the left side
  • Scroll down to Settings

You’ve got two ways of adding it to the screen

Tapping Settings will show you a list of settings shortcuts, scroll down the list to find Notification log. This will add it to the active screen (the one with a green border around it).


Drag the settings icon to the screen where you want the the shortcut, select Notification log from the list.

And is pretty much it, now you can access the notification log. Which just shows when the notification was shown and by what app. You can however NOT show the actual notification, it will just show the app connected to the notification when pressed.