Recommendations for One M8 running Lollipop

A few things that will help you get the best experience possible. Not all phones are created equal tho.

This is what I did myself on my M8, and what is recommended for most people.

Factory reset

Simply follow the instructions HERE. It will of course take a while to setup your phone again, but it’s so worth it.

Wipe Cache Partition

Simply follow the instructions HERE. This step will not remove any personal content on your phone, it will merely make sure that the environment on your phone is as nice and clean as possible.

Issues with Facebook Messenger

Screenshot_2015-02-16-16-51-27Go to under Settings > Developer options. where you find Use Nuplayer (experimental) and disable that (untick).  And restart phone after.

You have no Developer options underSettings? Follow THIS

Not enough?

You’ve got a little more HERE