Is the battery in your HTC phone bad?

Something that I see a LOT of.

Or: you don’t change battery simply because your battery life have gotten worse.

Sure, all batteries do got a lifespan. They simply don’t last forever, but to change battery in your phone since the battery life have gotten worse is ALWAYS the Last thing you do.

This guide assumes that your phone is from 2012 or newer, phones that are older than that: I would recommend to get a new battery directly.

So, what do I do first?

This is written around Android, which is simply what most HTC phones tend to be. Similar for WP, but will not cover that here. But: factory reset there as well.

First you need to check if your battery indeed is ok:

Open the Testing menu, in Dialer you enter


Which gives you a testing menu, where you select Battery information. On that screen you look for Battery health, which most times will tell you Good. If it doesn’t: then you know, and can start looking for a new battery.

But, I still have bad battery life?

Now the cleaning part of this starts, to simply make sure that the phone is as nice and clean that it CAN be.

It’s basically two things you need to do:

  • Wipe cache partition
  • Factory reset

Those two things “fixes” most phones, and is ALWAYS what you need to do first. Both are covered in my post HERE, this works on most HTC phones from 2012 and on.

Sure, if your phone is like a year old and you STILL have bad battery life after all the steps: talk with HTC support, or the seller of the phone since then the battery might be bad from the start.

Oh, sometimes I’ve seen that a restart helps as well. So, if you haven’t restarted your phone in 6 weeks: it’s perhaps time for that now.


First you check that it’s not software that makes the battery life bad. If it’s still bad after all that: might be battery. If it’s a newer phone (still inside warranty), talk with HTC support. If not: find a phone repair place.