A look at Windows Phone 8.1 on Windows Phone 8X by HTC

Installed it late last night, it took AGES. But, it’s WELL worth it.

There are LOTS of changes in it, I will cover some of that here. The version I’ve got is  8.1, os version 8.10.14203.306.

I like the overall feel of it, it feels Windows Phone but it got things that you simply wanted.

Like, the Action Centre. Called Notification area on most android phones, and that’s just what it is. You’ve got customisable actions there as well, like Airplane mode etc. If you’re used to android it will look familiar. Works very well, a little wp quirky since if you get like 10 Facebook notifications and want to swipe one of them away: you swipe away the entire facebook group.

But, you want a little WP quirks as well. You don’t want it to be another android clone.

I really liked that you can put a wallpaper on your tiles, looks pretty good with its parallax effect when you scroll down the page.

Maps with real proper offline-maps, that I really really like. Which is what makes that app a bit good, it’s not up there with Google Maps really.

There’s a bit more apps for wp 8.1, it’s still years behind Android which always have been the thing that made it less interesting.

This covers more of the new bits in Windows Phone 8.1