How to enable ‘Developer options’ on HTC One M8 with Lollipop

With a fresh phone after a factory reset, this option will be hidden and is supposed to be that way.

You turn it on by going to Settings > About > Software information > More, where you tap Build number 7 times.

That’s it

And, as always: be very careful with what you change under Developer options. Far from all things there are supposed to be changed for regular users. KNOW what you change. This is done at your own risk, don’t change things just for fun in that. Don’t blame me if you get strange results for things you change in Dev options.

KNOW what you change.

Things recommended to change

  • Stay awake, screen will never sleep during charging. Can increase charging time.
  • USB debugging, needed if you want to connect to ADB on computer.
  • Use Nuplayer (experimental), turning it off sometimes helps Facebook running smoother and other various things.

And under Advanced

  • Animation, turned off will make screen transitions slightly faster. Less pretty, but slightly faster.


But, how do I hide it again?

Either factory reset, or going to Settings > Apps > All > Settings, where you Clear data.