How to create a folder on external SD-card with ES file explorer on HTC One M8 with Lollipop

Yes, about the longest headline I’ve ever written. And that’s exactly what this post is all about, how we get to use one of the new things in Lollipop

That you can allow an app to write on the external sd-card, which is very needed/wanted.

No, you don’t need to do this since you have HTC File Manager on your phone already (assuming you’ve got the Sense version). This is just an option.

This you NEED Lollipop for, it will NOT work on 4.4.4

ES File Explorer File Manager
ES File Explorer File Manager
Developer: ES Global
Price: Free+

I’m using ES File Explorer since I know that it support this method, tried OI File Manager and it’s simply not adapted for Lollipop.

So, how does it work?

You simply create a folder on external storage, then you’ll see a popup asking you to give permission to ES File Explorer to do so. Just follow the instructions, this you need to do once.

Can other apps do this too?

Of course, they just need to be adapted for it. I know that Root explorer and solid explorer both got this, and I am sure others as well.