How to wipe cache partition on HTC One M8 with Lollipop

The process have been slightly changed, so I’m doing a new version of the guide.

At times this is very needed, esp around updates etc. Esp when you’ve done a factory reset and you still have problems. Seems to be esp useful around battery problems.

So, what is a ‘cache partition’?

Temporary storage of system data. It allows the system to access apps more quickly and effectively. Sometimes needs to be cleaned due to being outdated and cluttered. Which in turns makes the system to run more smoothly.

Yes, this is SAFE. You will not lose a single piece of personal content. You will not mess up your phone. It’s very safe and almost mandatory.

Get into bootloader

  1. Power off phone
  2. Press and hold Vol down , press power button until you see bootloader (3 happy androids on skateboards at bottom of page). Release vol down.

Open Recovery

  1. Select Recovery by using vol down, press Power to select.
  2. Wait. This takes a while.
  3. You will now see a blue menu with red on-top of it.
  4. Select Wipe Cache partition with vol down. Press Power to select. Now it wipes the cache partition. Done!
  5. It should now have marked Reboot system now. Press Power to select. Phone will now reboot to normal mode.