How to record screen on a Lollipop device

Simply how to record what you do into a video file.

You can do this via ADB on a computer but that’s not very practical or remotely easy to use.

Yes, you need Lollipop on your device for this to work.
No, you don’t need root for it to work.

I used a Nexus 7 2013 Wifi with Android 5.0.2 for this, but it should work just a well on a HTC phone with Lollipop.

I like this one since there’s no ads in the app at all. It got a pretty nice UI with the settings you want.

It’s pretty easy to use, and the output is good enough. Very practical if you want to show something.

You simply install it, and just tap the record button. Or the Settings button on the floating menu. The Gallery type icon shows you a library of what you’ve recorded where you can share to Drive/etc.

To exit the app, just tap on the Door exit button. It’s not hard at all to understand.

There’s other apps that can do the same thing, but this is just what i prefer.