How to decide just what phone to get

This is just a few pointers. The start of the journey.

This isn’t always an easy process, but it can be. It simply depends on who you are and what you want/need/desire.

  • Do you have a budget for the phone?
  • should it be able to do something “special”?
  • To be a certain size?

Simply that you know what you want. And know what phone you want to get. Do NOT ask a sales person in a phone shop what phone is best, you will not get the best phone for you but what phone that they makes most money on selling to you. Don’t ever argue with a sales person, but know in advance what you want and have checked before roughly how much to pay for it.

Be an educated buyer. Do your homework. Use Google. Compare. Read official specs, sometimes the phone sites can be a BIT off. Talk with friends. And: do know that you will ALWAYS find bad stories, pretty much regardless what brand you go with. Make up your own mind, don’t let anyone do that for you.

I prefer HTC myself just because that is what works best for me, and that I’ve done pages/blogs/etc about it for soon 5 years. So, if you ask me: Get an HTC. But, we all like different. I’ve written more about what HTC phone to get HERE.