ROM downloads for American HTC phones

This I’ve seen a LOT. People get an American AT&T phone, only to miss that you don’t get OTA updates from AT&T when you’re outside the USA. But, there’s a solution.

Droider thoughts on this: it’s in general a bad idea to get an American HTC phone if you do live outside that country, since often radio bands etc doesn’t match what you have in your countries. And, then you get this “slight” issue with NO OTA updates. Always get a phone that’s made for the region that you live in to ensure that it got the radio bands etc that you need.

But, for updates there’s a “fix”:

HTC offers ROM downloads for the latest version on most of the current American carrier HTC phones, do know that this needs a computer and that your phone WILL get wiped in the process. So: you need to backup what you want to keep.

So, check your software version number on your phone and just compare with the list.

Read the installation instruction carefully, the example below is for Desire Eye. But, it’s pretty much the same for all devices using the ROM update method.

Performing the ROM Update:
1.      Download and save the HTC Desire™ update to your PC.
Note: Please make sure to download the correct version for your device.
2.      Connect your device to your PC via the supplied USB cable.
3.      If the device is not recognized by the PC, ensure you have HTC Sync Manager installed and then disconnect and reconnect the device from the USB cable.
4.      Once the device is properly recognized on the PC, locate the HTC Desire™ ROM Update that you downloaded. Double-click on the file to launch the system update wizard.
5.      Follow all of the system update wizard instructions shown on your PC.
6.      Once the update is complete, click Finish in the Wizard and the device will reboot.
7.      Once the device reboots, the initial setup wizard will appear.
8.      Once the initial setup process is complete, the device is ready for use.
Note : If the ROM update wizard fails to recognize the device, close the wizard and then follow the steps below:
·          From a powered off state, hold VOLUME DOWN while powering on the device.
·          Use the volume buttons to scroll to FASTBOOT and then press the POWER button to select it.
·          Connect the device to the PC while in this state and attempt the ROM update again.
To exit FASTBOOT manually, use the volume keys to navigate to REBOOT and press the POWER button to select it.