Your phone is running slower than it should?

This I’ve seen a lot over the years while doing this.

And the most important step in this is simply keep your phone clean, to simply know just what apps you install.

So, start by cleaning your phone. That will do wonders. Below follows my

Droider recommended phone maintenance

The regular everyday stuff

  • Limit a bit what apps you install, this makes cleaning easier since you clean a bit but not installing every game you see. Which makes Crash Fixing easier, since it doesn’t happened.
  • Restart your phone, like a couple of times a week

Once in a while

  • Clean your photos a bit as media scanning might get slower if there’s a LOT. And, makes things easier to find. With Sense 6 Gallery app you can make folders and copy things to it.
  • Keeping your phone nice and clean is like having a clean desk at home/work, things will just be easy to find and it will be more fun to use it.
  • Do you really need that app? Apps that you haven’t used in over a week: remove it, you can always put it back later on it if you REALLY need it then.
  • Do a manual clean is the way I prefer. Find your own way. Using the cleanup guide is not such a bad idea, if that is what works for you. On M8: Settings > Storage > Make more space, you’ve got it on both internal storage and external (if you use an micro-sd card in your phone).
  • Just use and charge your phone, avoid draining the battery too often as that might damage it.
  • Keep your phone clean (on the outside), as it makes it feel and look better.

When needed (if you’re running into problem)

1. Soft Reset
Simply press power button (volume up and power button on One M8) for 10 seconds with phone on and active, it will do a countdown after 7 seconds. And will after that do a nice clean restart. This you use if phone crash as well and just doesn’t respond as well.

2. Boot into Safe mode
This is simply boots without loading 3rd party things, perfect if 3rd party keyboards etc doesn’t work.  Read about it HERE

3. Wipe Cache partition
A way to get rid of various odd issues with battery etc. Seen it been recommended by HTC. Esp One M7 around 4.4 update. Read about it HERE

4. Factory reset
To simply start over with the phone. This removes all user data and apps installed etc. It will however not revert installed update back to previous version. Just make that you have contacts synced first, as having your contacts on your google account is to recommend. I rarely backup apps etc since they can themselves be the problem. Read about it HERE

Those four steps fixes most things, but sometimes you need just call support. HTC UK | HTC US | HTC Sverige | HTC India.

You’ve got a list of pretty much all support numbers HERE