So what does ‘Stock HTC One M8’ really mean?

Most phone geeks have seen this and know what it means but I thought that I would do a little post on it.

So, tell us already!

The term “stock” seems to hail from car racing in US back in the 1940’s and 50’s. Where stock came to mean “standard frame” etc. A stock showroom car. It simply means “standard” or as it came from the factory, the meaning differs a bit depending on where you look.

But, with phones: it means that it’s an unaltered phone when it comes to the operative system etc.  So, a “stock HTC One M8”: that means that you haven’t rooted it or in other ways changed the default software on it.

That is at least my definition on it. There’s other takes on this as well, which you can read more about HERE.


Droider definition on “what is a Stock HTC One M8” is: that it’s not been changed/tampered with, not rooted and so on. Standard default Sense 6 on it (assuming it’s not a ‘Stock One M8 GPE’, which mean that it runs stock AOSP. This can get confusing). Simply that it runs what it came with, or was updated to.