End of the year

We’re now in the last days of 2014, and I just want to cover a few things.


It’s been an interesting year, with One M8 being the best phone around (just not my view on it). And, lately we’ve started to see various rumours about upcoming HTC phones. I have to say that I’m very excited about what’s coming. BUT: I do not take all those rumours/gossip as “facts”.

Lollipop Forest

Lollipop approaching

With 2015 being just around the corner, I don’t think that Lollipop is that far away from One M7 and One M8. We’ll just see if it’s January 3rd or later. Just keep an open mind about that.

And, just do not assume that Lollipop on a HTC phone will be the very same as on a Nexus devices. Saying that Lollipop WILL be worse battery life is perhaps not how it will be in reality. Sure, 5.0 on some nexus devices = not good. But, with 5.0.1 it’s getting better. And, HTC uses their own version that’s based on it. Of course they will look for various bugs etc in it.

A few words

And, I want to thank you the reader for being a part of a another year of Droider. Lets hope that 2015 brings more and better!