Updated: How to know that the HTC phone you buy is original HTC

This I tend to see a lot of now. This is just to be seen as starting point and not the final say on it.

In general:

It tends to be very safe to buy phones from established European/American/etc retailers.

But, buying from the back of a truck with a “very cheap just for you!” and it’s like less than half of the normal price: it might not be the real deal. Or you’re buying a bottle of water in that phone box instead.

Sellers in some parts of the world can and will try to sell you a copy of a HTC for HTC price.

So, how can I tell it’s a real HTC phone?

  • Is not running HTC Sense when it’s supposed to running HTC Sense. Some HTC phones like Desire 616 doesn’t use HTC Sense, but it DO got HTC Blinkfeed onboard. Know what you’re buying. A Google Play Edition HTC phone is using stock Google Android.
  • Check the box, check that it looks like other boxes that you google. Check that it says HTC on it etc.
  • That is looks like a proper real HTC phone, a cheap knock-off tends to look very cheap.
  • Under Settings > About > Phone identity, it should show the correct information.
  • It’s called HTC, there’s a chinese knock-off brand called HDC that makes a phone that’s a pure clone of One M8. It’s VERY similar, but it’s a bit off. It just doesn’t feel “right”.
  • Check IMEI and serial number, if it’s genuine both will check out as original HTC, Either call HTC support or check with THIS page.  A genuine HTC phone will check out as a HTC phone there.
  • COMPARE spec with official HTC spec. Preferably in your own country, since sometimes specs differs a bit between countries.

And: while checking IMEI, use THIS site as not all IMEI checking sites are good.

If you buy a used phone: just be very very aware of that simple fact that it might be a stolen device. Especially if it’s WAY too cheap, and they guy selling it seems just a bit too nervous.

Never get pressured into buying something

If the seller wants to rush you into buying it, chances are that it’s either a clone and/or stolen.

When buying from a retailer

Make sure that you got a proper box for it, that the things that’s supposed to be in the box is there. In some regions there’s NOT a charger included in some network/carrier variants.

Know what you are buying

Always know what you are getting. Know just how much it should cost and always always know the specification of the phone that you are buying. Just do the pre-purchase research that you should do.
More about that here. And you have more info about getting prices HERE.

Just don’t get any kind of phone

And, just know that it’s not wise to get an American phone if you’re living in Europea/Asia etc due to different bands etc used. And, you will never have any kind of warranty. And no updates. Verizon phones are to be AVOIDED, since there you can’t even get a RUU with the update which you might get for other American carrier phones.