It’s soon Christmas!

Just some various and random “rants” or what to call it.

Lollipop for One M7 & M8

There’s a rumour going around that it will start January 3rd 2015. If it’s for both or just a general start for One M8. That nobody really knows yet. Or just where. I would take it as an hint myself, and perhaps not expect it on that exact date. Since rollouts never hits all regions at the same time.

More Droider on Facebook

Yes, you heard it right. A new Facebook group called ‘HTC Fans by Droider‘. By HTC Fans – For HTC Fans. Simple as that. So, apply HERE to get in. Join me and others to discuss HTC devices.

Droider Christmas coverage

Next week (Decemeber 22-27), there will be reduced coverage by myself but there will be some action in the HTC Fans by Droider group.