Easy way of adding more languages to your One M8

I’ve covered Morelocale 2 here before, as a pretty easy way to add more languages to a phone. Now it just got a lot easier. And, it will work on pretty much any Android device with 4.2 and up.

What can I do with this?

With this you can install more languages onto your HTC android phone. Well, it just shows a list really. But, it gets you more languages. Like Swedish onto a UK phone etc.

This method does NOT require root or changes your device more than just letting you set more languages. It’s NOT “root”.

And yes, this works with Lollipop.

Ok, let’s get started

The guides I’ve done on this before all had you doing the commands yourself, and that sometimes just didn’t work very well.

So, I decided that I would simplify that step by including a so called batch-file that does that all for you (got inspired by and app that did it that way).

This method does NOT have you install Android SDK. It’s all included in the zip-file which is linked to in this post.

But: you need to have a HTC sync manager installed, which contains the ADB drivers for the phone. Without that step, this will not work.

You still NEED to have MoreLocale 2 installed on your device prior to this.

No commands. No checking if phone is connected. That the batch-file does for you. But, you need to have your device connected to your computer for this to properly work.

This is for Windows, will not work on mac/linux/etc.

You simply download THIS RAR-file (got odd issues with including ZIP, but you’ve got that HERE as dropbox link), and just unrar it to it’s own folder (ml2_setter). And then you simply open RUN.


Which will start a command prompt, which you simply follows. If it doesn’t find the phone, it will tell you.


And that should be it, I’ve tried it many times but it’s just the very first version of it. If something fails: please Let me know.