Things to think about when you’re getting a new HTC phone

This is just to be seen as a start of the process, and perhaps not as the end of it.

Do your research

I know people who research the dinner they’re buying MORE than a phone that costs easy 10 times of that fancy dinner.

Look at official specifications. On HTC they’ve got compare buttons for their phone so you can compare the ones you’re interested in.

Talk with friends that got experience with the brand you’re looking at. ¬†Compare with actually phones at stores.

But: do NOT listen to what a sales person is telling you since they often got a reason behind why “but samsung is best”. Since they’re told to say that. Know your facts BEFORE you go there. Don’t ask a sales person “get me the best phone”, since you will be getting the phone they’re told is the best one (from a sales perspective). Assume that a sales person knows less than your mom about phones. Sure, some know. But, often not. So, do your homework before you go to a phone store.

Don’t take what you read on forums etc as the “fact” about how phones are around updates etc. Since that is often “just” a personal experience and perhaps not a factual experience.

Fact is: some phones will have issues around updates, and it’s not always the update or the phone maker to blame. Sometimes it is though, but with HTC big update bugs are pretty rare.

“but my t-mobile/etc HTC phone got issues around updates!”
Yeah, that is where I think most phones can have a little extra problem since those network/carrier phones got adapted software in them that’s made for/by that carrier/network.

Getting an unlocked/non-branded HTC phone is ALWAYS best. Since then you’re getting software directly from HTC, and not some carrier/network adapted variant of it.

How much is that HTC phone?

If you want a price on a HTC phone, you NEED to check with a local/online retailer. Asking “how much?” on a facebook page might not get you the answer you want. More on that here.

Personal thoughts

A phone can be a pretty expensive thing, so do your pre-purchase research carefully. If you want a Full HD display, check what phones that got that. It’s so easy to do that before you buy it.